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Linda’s Story

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I highly recommend Dr. Steven McCarus for anyone facing a hysterectomy! I learned of my fibroids through my previous OB/GYN and was told that "We'd keep an eye on them". At that time I was told by the administrator over the phone that the large fibroid was the size of a golf ball and I had several smaller ones. When I was checked a year later the doctor told me it was the size of a tennis ball (not a golf ball) and it was now the size of a grapefruit! She was not certain with the procedure she would need to perform due to the size. I left worried and decided to try some homeopath mineral drink. After getting tired of drinking high doses of the shake for 6 weeks I returned for another ultrasound and there was little change. This time I left planning to have the procedure but frustrated with her uncertainty of whether she could do LH or full abdominal incision. She was leaning toward full abdominal but said she would not know until she got in there "Sometimes I am surprised when I get in there and can do the LH".

Two weeks later I was referred by a friend to Dr. Steven McCarus and was told he was the best. I did some research and learned that he had his own technique that he taught to other surgeons worldwide. I was in his office a few weeks later and I was ready to schedule my surgery without any hesitation. Dr. McCarus was confident despite the size of my 20 week uterus that he could perform the LH. I did not feel that there would be any surprises.

He did not let me down and I had a super simple LH (for me anyway) and a very quick recovery. I highly recommend Dr. McCarus and his surgical team. I wish I had heard about him sooner so I would not have lived with the anxiety and discomfort for 3 months.