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McCarus Hysterectomy Technique®

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Patients and physicians alike come from around the region and the globe to experience firsthand the revolutionary McCarus Hysterectomy Technique, developed right here in Orlando, Florida by Dr. Steven McCarus.  The unique hysterectomy technique is further perfected by using robotic-assisted technology of the da Vinci® Surgical System.

The nationally recognized, minimally-invasive procedure, the McCarus Hysterectomy Technique, uses ultrasonic harmonic energy to perform hysterectomies via a tiny hole in the abdomen. The harmonic energy eliminates the burning of tissue through electricity. Instead, the tissue is heated at a lower temperature, allowing the uterus to disengage without the trauma.

“Rather than slicing through the belly to reach the uterus, a slim, lighted telescope with a camera is inserted through three dime sized incisions. One at the belly button and two lower incisions that we do keyhole surgery to remove the uterus. With the development of harmonic energy, it was quickly realized that if we could coagulate—meaning heat tissue and not devascularize tissue, this would be a better technique for women's surgery," says Dr. McCarus.

This is an alternative to traditional abdominal hysterectomy. Further, this technique has proven to substantially reduce complications, cause less scarring, enable a shorter recovery time and eliminate the need for painful incisions. While some women will still need the traditional open hysterectomies, the minimally-invasive technique is an option for a wide range of women.

If you are faced with having a hysterectomy and want to learn more about the McCarus Hysterectomy Technique or the da Vinci® Surgical System, please contact McCarus Surgical Specialists for Women at 407.303.4190.