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Top Gynecologic Surgeon Empowers and Educates Patients With Innovative Decision-Sharing Process

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Steven D. McCarus, MD, FACOG, founding physician of McCarus Surgical Specialists for Women and the chief of Gynecologic Surgery at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, wants his patients to know that they are very much in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding upon their surgical care and what specific treatment is right for them.

To ensure that his patients are as informed, engaged and empowered as possible to take part in their own health care decisions, Dr. McCarus is a pioneer in the state of Florida in implementing a Shared Decision Making Process for Hysterectomies into his practice. This innovative communication tool provides a comprehensive and easy-to-follow “roadmap” that guides the physician and patient as they discuss and jointly arrive upon the best course of treatment that takes into account each woman’s individual values, preferences and unique concerns.

The roadmap is provided in the form of a clear and concise conversation guide that details the many considerations involved in a hysterectomy surgery and the multiple methods by which the procedure can be performed.

A Tool for Addressing Patient Concerns AND the Value-Based Health Care Environment

For Dr. McCarus and his team, emphasizing “the Power of the Patient” is founded in multiple goals for patient care – including and especially the need for every woman who is undergoing gynecologic surgery to thoroughly understand and feel comfortable with the course of action being undertaken in her treatment. Just as important in the post-reform health care universe, Dr. McCarus realizes, is the degree to which thorough communication with his patients drives the value-based assessments (including patient survey responses regarding quality of care) that directly tie-in to the way doctors and hospitals are compensated under the Affordable Care Act.
Dr. McCarus first started using the Shared Decision Making process in his practice in August 2015, and has since implemented it with an average 20 patients per month. In most cases, the process results in patients successfully moving forward with an informed surgical decision.

He explains, “Shared Decision Making is the professional way to bring the patent into the importance of deciding what’s best for her. Right now, the trend has always been that the physician tells the patient what’s best for them. But we need to make sure the patient decides what’s best for her. That’s what this tool does. It’s an open communication between a health care provider and patient on the route of treatment that’s best for her with me providing the service. This is the way health care needs to be today.”

To view the Physician & Patient Shared Decision Making Hysterectomy Guide and see Dr. McCarus explaining it in a short video, visit

About McCarus Surgical Specialists for Women:

Led by board-certified OB-GYN Steven D. McCarus, MD, FACOG, and with offices in Celebration and Winter Park, McCarus Surgical Specialists for Women is one of Central Florida’s leading gynecologic surgery practices providing minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgical expertise as well as complete well-woman health care services. Dr. McCarus serves as Chief of Gynecological surgery at Florida Hospital Celebration Health and is known for having developed the “McCarus Hysterectomy Technique,” a minimally invasive surgical method that provides for fewer complications, less scarring and shorter recovery times than traditional, open hysterectomies.